---July 17, 2009---JDeV---

I updated index.html to present the consulting side of JDeV rather than the software sales side. I just re-upped at the MACC and will offer MACC members a one hour meeting free of charge. Gotta start somewhere.

---July 17, 2009---Keymark---

I sent Johnny an agreement re disclosure of Archive Match concepts. If I'd have had the same agreement with Alpine, they'd be sending me $1800 this month.

---July 16, 2009---General Stuff---

Built and installed a new light enclosure for the kitchen. It matches the style and character of the center island much more so than the off-the-rack light that was there before. Pictures to follow..?

---July 2, 2009---General Stuff---

I'm still looking for a field of endeavor that could make use of the concept that underlies the Archive Match project I developed at Alpine. It solves a very general problem, removing redundant work from any process that meets the following criteria: Input and output into the process must be digital, a reasonable chance exists that the core of the problem will be repeated. I've got the soul of the process wrapped up in an ActiveX component.

---June 10, 2009---General Stuff---

I got a call on Monday that Keymark wants to reduce my hours. It feels to me like I've got a few outstanding items to deal with and I'll be out of work. Well, I guess I'll see what I can do to revive JDeV as a going concern, see what DeVries & DeVries can use, and keep my eyes open for opportunities in Western Michigan... On the other hand, I guess I can get some stuff done around here in the real world.

---April 13, 2009---General Stuff---

Well, I finally got around to putting lattice work on the bottom of the lower deck to keep the dogs from going under there. I think I bought the lattice about 8 months ago. Anyway, I got to make use of the little sabre saw that Dad gave me for Christmas. Since I had it out I also rounded off some corners that the dogs had chewed; lawn furniture, deck accoutrements, stairs, and sanded the new curves smooth with the belt sander. It kinda knocks the ghetto edge off the back yard that the dogs are so fond of perpetuating. I'm working on cleaning up the front area (pond) and, of course, trying to eradicate as much greenbriar as possible.

---April 10, 2009---Server Maintenance---

Removed the whining 20G drive, replaced it with the 80G, updated it to Slackware 10.2, (kernel 2.4.31). I had everything up and running and rebooted it this morning to make sure all my boot changes were correct. Ooops. Forgot to mount the volume with my mp3s on it. Quick change.

---April 7, 2009---Server Maintenance---

The boot drive in my web server started acting up and the server locked up around 6:00 this morning. Restarted it once or twice, finally after letting it cool some, it came back up. Quickly tar'd everything from the boot drive onto another drive, then copied the tar files onto my IOmega terabyte drive which is over in MS Windows world. Will evaluate, probably replace the 20G drive with an 80G I bought on a whim because it was on sale three months ago at Tigerdirect.

---April 3, 2009---Fixing Stuff---

In a fit of 'must do something' I fixed the seat on the JDX4. I replaced the base board, dried out the foam rubber, and made a new cover out of naugahyde. I also replaced the headlamps on the Blazer. What a thoughtless design. To replace a headlamp the front grillwork had to come off, the battery and the battery pan had to be removed, seriously though, I did some minor metalworking and it will be MUCH easier next time.

---April 2, 2009---Life and Death---

I'm actually writing this 6 days after the fact, but it took a while for me to be able to get a grip on this: on Tuesday, March 31st, a friend of mine took his own life. I found out on the second of April. I hadn't actually seen him in a few years, but I'd know him for 24 years, we were off and on in touch and I did some programming for him. He'd had some major reverses with his financial situation; being in the restaurant business when times get tough is a challenging life. Anyway, if you know someone who's taken more than their fair share of punishment because of the current econo-political situation, let them know you're there, if you're one of those, and you're considering suicide, check out your social network first.

Rest In Peace Carl Leighton Graves.

---March 18, 2009---Snowmobiles---

Hoo Yah! Evicted the last of the mice from the John Deere JDX4, reconnected the carb to the tank full of year old gasoline, opened the choke, opened the throttle, a couple of good squeezes on the priming bulb, a short burst of starting fluid, closed the choke, a few pulls, and IT'S RUNNING! Opened the choke, opened the throttle a bit, no motion, a little more, still no motion, a half second at wide open throttle, and the clutch finally engages. So, I moved it about two sled-lengths in a cloud of old gas smoke. At least I can clean the driveway where it's been sitting. I'll get the clutch off and clean and lubricate it. Sure is nice to know the carb is finally working. No flooding, no fouling, and a relatively smooth idle.

---March 9, 2009---Web Site Development---

Added code to call a cgi script called 'dors', which is short for 'Daylight or Standard' which returns "<DST:D>" or "<DST:S>" and added code to the default data interpreting block to parse it out and set my DSTOffset accordingly.

---March 7, 2009---Web Site Development---

Oh, cool! I've started playing with my counters again, and was trying to figure out how to embed the counter id on a page without having a link to a cgi-bin script embedded in the document. I have the oninit checking replacing the "Counter" span with the result of such a call, which seems to hide it from robots (at least they don't seem to execute javascript). Anyway I found out that I can put arbitrary attributes on the body tag, so now, to have a counter on a page, I just create a <span id="Counter"></span> block, and put the counter number in the <body counterid="??"...> tag.

---February 26, 2009---Web Site Development---

I refined the "nav-??" tag to include "snav-??" which doesn't set the cookie, and added a "rText-??" id for replacing text. It uses the form [href="::whatever"] to define the text, and honors the target value.

---February 25, 2009---Web Site Development---

I tweaked the script for the website to change the time from local time to Eastern Time (Muskegon Time). Not difficult, but I've got to add some stuff to handle DST. I also started (just barely) investigating cookies.

---February 21, 2009---Snowmobiles---

Well I didn't need to rebuild the fuel pump. It turns out that it was just a poor seal from the base of the fuel pump to the engine that prevented an adequate pressure and/or vacuum. A couple tiny daubs of non-hardening Form-a-Gasket fixed it right up. It still doesn't seem to have even power, it seems it's running a bit rich, but I'm not sure.

---February 18, 2009---Music---

The folks at joepurdy.com asked all of Joe's fans to put this out there, so, here it is.

Oh, by the way, I installed the ShoutCast DSP on my notebook, so you can hear what I'm listening to, if I'm listening to tunes on WinAmp. You can get to the broadcast here or from the Shoutcast Link in the footer link list.

---February 17, 2009---Politics---

Bend Over! You're about to be 'Stimulated'. BTW, I tried to warn Y'all.

---February 16, 2009---Snowmobiles---

I fired up the Polaris again, and it looks like I'm going to need to rebuild the fuel pump. I don't know if it's got a leak in the diaphragm or if it's just full of gunk again, but it doesn't pump worth a hoot. At least now, when it HAS gas, it seems to have power, as both cylinders are firing.

---February 15, 2009---Computers---

I just replaced the fluorescent backlight tube in Mrs. C's IBM Thinkpad A31. It didn't fix the problem, so I ordered the inverter. I sure hope that works, because I felt like I had sausages for fingers when I was working on the tiny fluorescent tube. It's about 1/8" in diameter and 14" long. It IS a lot tougher than you'd guess by looking at it, but my confidence in anything I do at that scale is pretty thin.

---February 12, 2009---Corvair Stuff---

I just got done patching the rear grille from my '65 Corvair Monza. The grille has been in my garage for a long time, waiting for me to repair the lower right corner, which had basically rusted off. I finally decided to give welding sheet steel to sheet steel in a butt-joint configuration a shot. I didn't have a lot of confidence that I'd be able to do it, but it turned out pretty decent. I do need to get a good die grinder though. I built up more of a bead than I'd like, but I'm fine with grinding it off.

---February 9, 2009---Music---

Joe Purdy is on EMusic! I guess I don't know that he hasn't been, but I bought 'You Can Tell Georgia' from CD Baby after figuring out who he was. If you don't know, Joe Purdy is the guy who did 'Can't Get It Right Today' which was used in a car commercial. Since radio seems to have degenerated into a mishmash of drivel, car commercials have become my primary source of discovering new music. If I'm not mistaken that's how I stumbled upon 'Of Montreal' who do 'Everyday Feels Like Sunday'. Well, anyway, Joe Purdy is on EMusic!

---February 6, 2009---Web Site Development---

I finally figured out what was going on with MSIE and this website. Apparently, it had nothing to do with tables, or caching, or any of the other stuff that everyone else has trouble with using MSIE for AJAX. It had to do with that fact that the XML parsing engine in MSIE is stricter, and I had <html> tags in my .xml files. You can't have more than one such tag, so it just flat out choked. In addition, the request doesn't support the contentType property, so that was breaking the scripts, too. Anyway, it's fixed, so if you're a Microsoft fan, you're welcome. (Odd, but welcome.)

---February 5, 2009---Web Site Development---

I've been messing with the web site, and playing with a new flat screen monitor. Nothing fancy, I spent $110 on it, and will get $31 of that back. It's nice to have some more desktop space; somewhere to drag those extra windows to so I can work on more than one thing at a time. Yeah, right, I can work on more than one thing at a time....

---January 31, 2009---Computer Stuff---

Laurie's in Florida, I stopped by Menard's on the way home from dropping her at the airport, and then went to Best Buy. I had a gift card, and wanted to get some tunes. Anyway, while I was there, I convinced myself that I needed some additional backup storage space, so I bought a $149 Iomega 1TB external hd. I've just started copying a bunch of my source, etc cetera onto it. It's pretty wild. I guess it shows my age, but I remember being envious of a co-worker's 80M hard drive. Well, some things are better now than they ever have been. Of course, now I've got to wonder how to cope with the possibility of having a drive fail and losing 1TB of data.

---January 30, 2009---Web Site Development---

Well, I found out why Microsoft's Internet Explorer doesn't work with my web design. Apparently, although they have accepted AJAX, and you can modify the DOM with javascript, if an element is inside a table it's InnerHTML property is read-only. I guess it's better to find out that it's because they're lazy, than to go on believing they're out to make my life miserable.

---January 29, 2009---Web Site Development---

Today I rolled up my sleeves and tried some new ideas. I wrote a little app to recalculate the points on an image map, so I could use my Pictoral sample sized in a 400x300 box. And I changed my scripts so that when an XML file gets read into a span, the elements with "nav-" tags get mapped to the xml event. And that made the ismap.xml file so much cooler. Tunnel down through Products/IsMap and check out the behavior of the right-hand image

---January 28, 2009---Web Site Development---

Well, Yesterday I deployed the AJax version of my website. It's kind of risky but not much more so than having such a dated, amateurish site as the old one. I did load FireBug so I'm finding and fixing problems at a much more realistic rate than I was using the blind low tech old solution, doing it all in my head.

Anyway, I hope you like the look and feel of this site better. I must admit that it's not completely original. The web so lends itself to friendly imitation.